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Nanne Tiggelman

I started my musical career by playing the guitar but soon it showed that the rhythms and grooves had my main interest. After five years of musical education on drums, I decided to go my own way. By playing with various bands I continued to develop myself as a drummer. Although I listen to many different types of music, the progressive music genre is still my favourite. Many years later I developed as a composer, lyricist, producer and backing vocalist. Besides my study on drums, I’m self-taught by using my ears and making use of the current technical possibilities. Just like Rob Brons I’m one of the remaining founding fathers of the band. Many musicians influenced me during the years, to many to mention..allright..I give you one name….Simon Philips!
Instruments: Pearl drums/Sabian cymbals Paiste &/AKG/Remo/Vic Firth.

Rob Brons

I started playing keys in 1962 on Grandma's harmonium. Later I learned to play the piano at the school of music. Soon I founded a band with my brother Bernard and school friend Nanne in a jazz-rock style which later became the band  Point Blank. We played music influenced on jazz and progressive rock. Many years later the band Novetus was formed. A cover band, with own compositions as well, which later developed into The Missing Piece. In addition to a number of side-projects, I am primarily a keyboard player who loves to arrange songs.
I listen to many different kinds of music. From classical to jazz and jazz to progressive rock.
Instruments: JV90 Roland and Korg Triton Le, VR 760 synths. /Hammond XK1/Sample Tank.

Adri Sleijster
Around my 12th year I started playing guitar. In my first (school) band, Survival,  I was initially guitarist but I decided to play bass guitar later. In addition to the bass, I developed myself on backing vocals in the nineties. With the progressive hard rock formation Exises, I played for 18 years and recorded two albums (Exises 1986 and Reternity 1996). I gained my experience through various cover bands. I was part of the progmetal formation Godmode for some time as well. Since June 2009 I play bass and bass pedals in TMP together with backing vocals. I'm especially influenced by various musical bands and bassists from the (hard) rock and symphonic rock/prog genre. Instruments: Ibanez BTB1606 six string / Blade B25 5 string / Blade B4 fretless / Yamaha BB 1000S 4 string / Hartke HA500 bass amp / Hartke HX410 Hydrive bass cabinet 4x10" / Hartke HX115 Hydrive bass cabinet 1 x 15" /Tech 21 Bass Driver Deluxe pedal, Zoom B3 multi effects pedal / KORG extension pedal / MIDI bass pedalboard for control of synthesizer modules
René van Dalen

I started playing guitar when I was 19 years old watching David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) live in Venice on television. In addition to musical education and regular jam sessions, there are many sources of inspiration that influenced me as a player. In the early days, I co-founded the band Anubis. A rock formation. After five years I wanted to move on and co-founded the progrock formation Lorian. For me the first band were I could express my passion for (melodic) prog-rock. Around 2014 I was contacted by TMP to audition..and that started my part in this band!
Instruments: Fender Stratocasters/PRS cst24/PRS Torero/Epiphone Les Paul/Takamine (nylon)/Lag (acoustic)/Eastman (acoustic)/Seagull 12 string (acoustic)/Marshalls 8280 amps & cabinet/Hiwatt dr504 (DIY)/Pedalboard (analog)/Boss Gt100.

Dennis Beenhakker
From my 12th year I started making music. I always loved keys, especially synths. My first experience was a 3 octave Yamaha keyboard with mini-keys. This later became more serious gear, analogue and digital. The gear list still varies on regular basis. Musical development came through music lessons four years on keys instruments. Playing keys, and listening to different artists, influenced me to make music and write my own songs. After playing in various bands until 2009, I had a strong urge to express myself by singing as part of my creativity. From that moment I focus on lead vocals and writing lyrics as part of my music. I developed mainly on a self-tuition. Later on I started working with a vocal coach. In 2012 I became a singer/keyboard player at my first progressive rock band. There I found that this is the kind of music I want to make. In 2016, I was given the opportunity to be the lead singer of TMP trough an audition.
Inspirations: from alternative 80 's, to melodic pop-rock, post punk, new-wave, alternative rock, classical, progressive metal and rock and Marillion. Instruments: Sennheiser E935 Sennheiser EW 300 IEM with dynamic mic, Shure SE315 in-ears, TC Helicon Voice live II, Roland Fantom G6 and Roland D-50 synthesizers

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